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Building Your Business without Quitting 9-5

Learn and replicate my strategy to launch your first side business efficiently, with minimal investment of time and resources, and grow it into your After Hours Empire.

This is a short video-training with practical exercises in a workbook that you can complete in 1-2 hours.



Embracing Portfolio Careers for Growth & Flexibility

Use my proven strategy to blend your passions, skills, and income streams opportunities into a flexible and rewarding Portfolio Career. 

Watch this mini training and go through the coaching prompts  in the workbook to create your own strategy.



7 Steps To Uncover Your Business Idea

Struggling to pin down that game-changing business idea?

Grab this free guide and journey through a proven 7-step process, merging personal introspection with AI magic, to reveal the business idea that’s been waiting for you.



ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for Business Owners

Launching a business? Streamline your journey with these ready-to-use ChatGPT prompts!

Discover how this cutting-edge AI tool can amplify your business processes, from market research to content creation. Copy, paste, and watch your business thrive.




Struggling to pin down that game-changing business idea?

Grab this free guide and journey through a proven 7-step process, merging personal introspection with AI magic, to reveal the business idea that’s been waiting for you.


Paris-Based Business Coach, serial entrepreneur, PCC, Author, INSEAD MBa.

Hi, I'm Ksenia.
Your Coach + Business Trainer.

I empower corporate professionals to take a leap into the entrepreneurship world or build a Portfolio career, by helping them uncover innovative business ideas and build profitable and resilient companies.
I've already helped over a thousand people, and I'd love you to join the club!

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i've been Where YOU ARE...

if I could do it, so can you!

Twelve years ago I left my 6-figure job in Bali to co-found a startup.

After my first master's degree in business, I started my corporate career as an Assistant to the CEO at a fintech startup. I swiftly ascended to a CFO role within just a year, but a few years later my growth plateaued; despite the fast expansion of the company, it wasn’t mine to grow.

I wanted to start my own business but hesitated—fears of inexperience, financial instability and lack of a business idea held me back.

I went for an MBA at one of the best business schools instead—hello to my INSEAD friends! Post-MBA, life seemed like a dream; at 29, I was managing a luxury real estate firm in Bali, overseeing a 200+ people team and admired for my career progress. But deep down, I knew I wanted more than just a successful corporate life. I wanted to be my own boss!

The realization that I was building someone else’s empire was suffocating. In 2012, I made a leap from a 6-figure job to co-founding my first bootstrapped startup. The transition was scary but revealed my true self—an Entrepreneur.

Now, years later, as a serial entrepreneur with 3 companies built, and 1 acquired, my commitment has shifted towards empowering others on their entrepreneurship journey. Certified by the International Coaching Federation, I’ve coached over a THOUSAND aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them find their path and build resilient and profitable companies.

Eager to break free from the corporate mold and discover how I could help you leap to an exciting world of entrepreneurship? :)

Thanks to her method, I was very pleasantly surprised by the progress made sometimes in just one session. Her practical exercises and questioning helped me develop a clear vision and a realistic action plan. If you are determined and wish to be supported in your professional transformation in a demanding yet respectful setting, do not hesitate!

''I followed Ksenia's coaching program, and working with her was a transformative experience. 

Morgane Virey, Country Director

This could be you....

Being a tech entrepreneur herself, she draws on extensive experience to put herself in the shoes of clients. Any business owner with ambitions of building a digital footprint would be lucky to work with Ksenia.

''Ksenia is a consummate professional and a rare expert in digital strategy and marketing.

Cheikh Fall, Tech Entrepreneur & Advisor

''Ksenia's unique blend of digital expertise and her guidance helped to sculpt my project's trajectory. 

Giuliana Hayes, CEO of Peopled / Startup Founder


Her innate ability to turn daunting challenges into tangible strategies has been my guiding light. With Ksenia's touch, my vision for Peopled has gained clarity, conviction, and a steady momentum.


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